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Direccao Nacional Emprego Exterior

Seasonal Worker Programme

The Seasonal Worker Programme offers seasonal labour to employers in a range of industries including; agricultural and horticultural industries, and employers in selected locations in the Tourism – hospitality and accommodation industry who can’t meet their seasonal labour needs with local jobseekers.

For Australian employers in these industries unable to find enough local labour, the Programme offers access to a reliable, returning workforce able to return season after season.

Why employ a Timorese seasonal worker?

“Our seasonal workers are more productive and efficient than our other workers” – Horticultural Employer, Queensland

1. Seasonal workers come to Australia to work. Therefore, they reliably come to work on time, everyday.

2. Seasonal workers are professionals in their roles and can return each year, allowing employers to develop their seasonal workers as they would other staff and have confidence that their investment in development will be a future benefit to their business.

3. Timorese workers set a steady pace and maintain it each day throughout the season, meaning employers can count on them to fill large orders and expand operations.

4. Timor-Leste is one of Australia’s closest neighbours with high unemployment rates. Employing Timorese Seasonal Workers enables their families to access education, to create small businesses, to build homes, to access better health care and to plant new crops. The money they earn in Australia has life changing consequence, so they are very highly motivated to produce good quality and to work hard.

5. Timorese workers are recruited to fit employer needs. Around 90% of workers are invited back by employers to participate in the Programme each year.

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