Government of Timor-Leste


Direccao Nacional Emprego Exterior

About DNEE

National Directorate of Foreign Employment

1.The National Directorate of Foreign Employment, abbreviated as DNEE, is part of the Government of Timor-Leste’s Secretary of State for Training and Employment, known as SEFOPE. The DNEE is responsible for promoting and managing programs for placing Timorese workers in labour markets abroad. At this time, DNEE manages three labour mobility programs, two for Australia and one for South Korea.

2. DNEE is responsible for:
a) Establish and maintain a line of coordination with foreign employers and other partners, national or international, with a view to promoting and creating employment opportunities for Timorese abroad;
b) Propose and develop policies for hiring Timorese abroad;
c) Coordinate with the Office of the Secretary of State, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and with the labour attaches to the Timorese diplomatic missions abroad, the implementation of the Timorese labour placement programs abroad;
d) Develop national programs to promote the employment of Timorese labour abroad;
e) Develop and implement the employment policy abroad;
f) Coordinate with the National Directorate of Internal Employment and with the labour Market Information Center the preparation and development of studies and research, as well as promoting the exchange of information, experiences and good practices on employment abroad;
g) Promote and disseminate job opportunities abroad, providing necessary and complete information to citizens, together with the IACML;
h) Organize and coordinate the process of selecting and recruiting workers to participate in employment programs abroad;
i) Hold clarification sessions for workers who will participate in employment programs abroad, namely before their departure;
j) Organize and maintain an updated register of workers participating in employment programs abroad;
k) Provide administrative and logistical support for carrying out medical examinations, obtaining visas or any other necessary documentation for sending selected workers;
l) Submit an annual report on the activities of the national management;
m) Exercise the other powers assigned by law or by higher decision, regulations or higher determination.


DNEE works closely with Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste who support the team with a range of labour mobility activities. Pleaase follow the link below for more details.